Book of Remembrance
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Book of Remembrance

The Book of Remembrance consists of four volumes, each covering three months of the year, and is handmade throughout using traditional bookbinding techniques.


The book is displayed open at the current date in the Remembrance Rooms West, so that entries may be seen on each anniversary. The memorial entries are carefully inscribed by highly skilled craftsmen with the wording of your choice.


With entries of five lines, a hand painted emblem may be included. This could be a floral emblem, animals, badges of societies, or crest.  The application form is below – please send your form back to us and you can pay over the phone or we will send an invoice to pay by your online banking – we no longer accept cheques or cash.  (The form is in the process of being amended)


The touchscreen is in the Remembrance Room and entries can be viewed by you, friends and family from anywhere in the world by clicking this button below: