The Ashes
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The Ashes

When arranging the cremation you will be asked to fill in an ashes instruction form. We will only take instructions from the cremation applicant. The options include:

• Collection by your Funeral Director
• Collection by you (we will call you when they are ready for collection and they need to be collected within 2 weeks)
• Collection by a named person (they will need to bring identification with them)
• To scatter the ashes on our lawns in our Gardens of Remembrance

Download service and instruction form 2021

Ashes from the cremation

After the cremation the ashes are placed in a bag within a grey ribboned box. The identity card is attached to the bag and the box has the name of the deceased on the outside.

You may also have a favourite container which you would like the ashes to be put in. We have a display cabinet in the reception area with a selection of options. They include jewellery, ashes into glass, keepsakes urns, caskets, metal urns, scatter tubes. Some families wish to split the ashes, which we can also do for you.

Ashes Box

Scattering ashes in the Gardens of Remembrance

Ashes can be scattered in our Gardens of Remembrance.

There is no fee for scattering ashes (Monday-Friday) if the cremation took place at Mortlake Crematorium. If the cremation took place elsewhere the fee is £100. (There is a surcharge of £100 for scattering ashes on a Saturday morning if staff are available.)
Please call the Crematorium Office to make an appointment 020 8876 8056.

We will record the location on our computer system, should you ever need to check it.

Please be mindful that we do not allow personalised planting or memorialisation in the gardens. If this is what you would prefer to do, you may wish to consider purchasing a private plot in your local cemetery.

If you would like to visit the gardens, you are welcome to place fresh cut flowers in the flower troughs provided, or to put them in the Rooms of Remembrance. Do let your friend and relatives know this as it can cause upset when we remove items.

Scattering Ashes