From Monday to Friday services take place at forty minute intervals from 10am to 4.40 pm.

There are two service times available at 9.00 and 9.30 which are thirty minutes and are at a reduced fee.

Longer service times are available, the most popular being a double service time (80 minutes). This is particularly beneficial if, for example you are expecting a large number of people to attend and when there is likely to be many personal tributes, several pieces of music and/or hymns.  The officiant, who is taking your service and/or the Funeral Director can advise you. Please be mindful if your service overruns it has an impact on all services following that day, which can cause upset to other bereaved families.

Longer service times can also be arranged.  If this is required,  please speak to your Funeral Director or a member of our staff.

Saturday and Sunday service times may also be available.  This will depend on the availability of staff.  However, most requests can usually be met.  We do not offer services on bank holidays.


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