Flowers from each funeral are displayed after the service in our floral courts and identified by a metal plaque with the name of the deceased. All flowers remain for 5 days following the service. If you would like your flowers to be held for a longer period, please let us know in advance, or on the day of the funeral.

We cannot burn plastic in the cremator, so tributes with a plastic base cannot be cremated, if you would like some flowers cremated with the coffin, a small hand tied bouquet would be suitable.

You are welcome to come and collect your flowers and cards. You may wish to take your cards on the day of the service, as the weather can damage them.

We try and work in an environmentally way as much as possible. In 2010 we started to work in partnership with Power Employment, who help those with learning disabilities gain paid employment. All floral tributes are now collected by them and stripped down, so that all flowers and greenery can be composted and all plastic components recycled.  The money that used to be spent on commercial waste costs, now provides paid work for people with learning disabilities.

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